Yes, you can visit Disneyland AND homeschool! We call it,



I’ve spent many days at Disneyland. Both as a fan and later, as an escort and educator to my daughter. Once I began homeschooling, I became intimately aware of the educational opportunities that can be found at Disneyland.

This blog has been created to share with you many of the things I have learned and enjoyed. I don’t plan to re-hash what other fan-sites and Disney focused blogs have done before me and better than me. But I do hope to give you a new perspective beyond just the insider gossip and behind the scenes tidbits (though, I may share info with you too! who can resist good gossip information??)

So, be forewarned! Keep checking back and review the pages on the sidebar regularly! That’s where all the new stuff will be. I’m always working on new lesson plan ideas (though I won’t be giving them ALL away!) and will be sharing many of the greatest gems over there!