Fairy Tales

disney princesses

Fantasyland is a perfect area to start in with the younger set of kids. It’s a natural fit! Many of the fairytales that we read our youngsters are brought to life right here. Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Cinderella and Snow White are all represented.

I know – you’re wondering just how that relates to learning?

For the young ones, here is a start point to talk about relationships and the way people treat others.  The step-mother & sisters to Cinderella.  The 7 dwarfs to Snow White.  Captain Hook to Peter Pan and Peter’s relationship to the Darling children.  The topics can be endless.

As you get to “school-aged” kids, let them explore deeper topics.  Stereotypes that are created by fairytales, the mythology surrounding them.  Have them study the geography of the many areas the tales can focus on.  Writing their own story is also a fascinating adventure of it’s own.

The possibilities are endless.  Can’t think of anything?  Take a trip to Disneyland and let it inspire you!  You’ll never look at “The Happiest Place on Earth” the same way again.


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