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Holding “school” while at DL isn’t as far fetched an idea as one might think. It’s actually VERY possible! And you know what? The folks at DL know it, too!

Yep, they’ve put together their own set of educational opportunities to experience in their parks. It’s called the Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.). They offer 5 programs, designed to meet National Learning Standards. The series offers: Disney Leadership in Action: Pursuit in Action, California Here I Come, Disney World of Physics: Properties of Motion, Disney’s Animation Magic, and Disney’s World of Physics: Energy and Waves. They also provide “Teacher Resource Guides” (downloadable PDF) to use with the program. If you are creating your own lesson plan based on any of these themes, use the guides to add additional creativity to the plan!

And then there is the “Edu-Station“, Disney’s world of educational products and productions. Many of the links listed on the site are not “Disney” sites, but they do conveniently put them together in such a way as to make it easy to research the themes. Includes many links to Bill Nye, the Science Guy


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