Scavenger Hunts

If you’re a passholder (and even if you’re not), visits to Disneyland can be enriched by looking at the details!

scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can enrich any learning opportunity. Students playing a “game” often learn more than they plan on while reading, decoding and finding clues. At Disneyland, these skills can be worked on all while having a fun and exciting day.

Disneyland currently has its own scavenger hunt game: Indian Jones – Summer of Hidden Mysteries

Disneyschooling – a Yahoo Group! – has several scavenger hunts created by members, for members. Free to join.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • Hidden Mickey’s – there are many so-called “Hidden Mickey’s” hidden throughout Disneyland(DL) and Disney’s California Adventure(DCA), as well as other hidden items of note. is the best resource for locating them. There is also a book that you can buy on “Main Street” in DL that gives you clues to follow to find the hidden items, rather than just lay out the location to you.
  • A>Z Hunt – this is the simplest form of a scavenger hunt around. Create a list with the letters of the alphabet down one side. As you visit the park, fill your list with items found in the park that start with each letter.
  • Math – Want to incorporate some math problems? Lay out a series of math problems for the hunter to solve. They must come up with the correct answer to earn information that will lead them to the next clue. Each clue could then lead them to a ride or show or a specific area of the park.
  • Trivia – who doesn’t love trivia? Now, you might wonder how learning trivia is “educational”. And, maybe I’m stretching on this one just a bit – but who says trivia has to just be about current pop culture? The building of Disneyland is filled with interesting tidbits
  • Fantasyland – with clues about fairytales, you can seek out each ride based upon what story it’s based on. If you really do your homework – you can find many versions of the same European tales from other cultures/countries
  • Agriculture – yes, plants! Did you know that the plants in Tomorrowland are ALL edible? Create your own scavenger hunt using these plants as clues.



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