Fun & Games

Fun and Games

letterboxing kit

Geo-cashing & Letterboxing. There are plenty of websites dedicated to both of these activities. I’ve heard word that there is a letterbox hidden at DL – but be forewarned, with the staff and level of detail DL gives to it’s property, the hidden boxes are often found and tossed. The staff may be completely unaware of what the box is or how it’s used.

Bingo – Make your own bingo game to play while at DL! Create boards with the names of rides or ‘lands’ throughout the park. Make the ‘calling’ pieces on the computer with just strips of paper with ride names/lands. You can visit each ride as you pull them or wait until someone calls “BINGO”. You can likely run this game several different ways.


Other games to play – Have you ever watched the fireworks show or Fantasmic from a less than optimal location? Yep, I think we all have! The only real solution is to be prepared to sit and wait – 2 hours. But that doesn’t need to be nearly as bad as it sounds.

  1. Bring mini games – yes, check thru your local book store or gift shop and you’ll undoubtedly find travel games that you can easily stick in a backpack. Solitaire, backgammon and kid games can all be found.
  2. Cards – bring your regular playing deck or UNO or Old Maid for a rousing game while waiting.
  3. Drawing pad & colored pencils – with this you can practice drawing your favorite characters, write a fairytale story of your own (based on the people watching you’ll undoubtedly be doing, or you can play a mean game of hang-man. The options are unlimited!

Can YOU think of any more?? I’d love to add them to this list!


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