Homeschool Day 2009!

Time to start getting geared up for our big annual event!

3rd Annual Homeschool Day at Disneyland

Friday, February 27th, 2009

In addition to the big group photo in front of the castle at 2pm on the
27th, we’ve got other stuff in the works, starting on February 26:

Discount hotel rooms
YES classes
Character meal
Sing-along on the Mark Twain
Hide-and-seek on Tom Sawyer’s island
Teens meet-up
Scavenger Hunt

…And more!

Any Disneyschooler is welcome to organize something – lots of fun!

Let your local groups know about this event!

Tell your friends to go to

www.HomeschoolDay. com

There’s also a flyer there that you can download, print, and hand out!

See you at the park!

-Heather Martinson

Blogger’s Note: This event – nor ANY of the Disneyschooling events are affiliated with any other group. We DO NOT charge membership fees or fees for any of the scheduled activities (except the Character breakfast). If at any time you are thinking of paying a fee to any group for any extra activity (ie., dance, dinner, talent show) please know that you are probably NOT dealing with Disneyschooling. I’m happy to verify ANY Disneyschooling activities with you BEFORE you purchase any tickets!


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