DCA Scavenger Hunt

Hi all of you Disneyschooling fans!

The following scavenger hunt is a copy of the actual Scavenger Hunt given to invited guests at the preview opening of California Adventure! Print it out, take it with you to Disneyschooling’s “Not Back to School Day” and come back here for the answers after the 10th. Enjoy!

Challenge 1: “It’s tough to be a Bug”… find out who gets to leave the theatre first. Then visit the large yellow object named after an insect. It’s not one, but it sure can work wonders for the bountiful soil of a farm.

Challenge 2: The Mother Dough “kneads” you now. Visit her and tell her not to be so sour. Head toward the Pacific Wharf to find out the year she was first “kneaded.”

Challenge 3: This sun that shines night and day can take you 150-feet closer to the real sun. Go there and count how many cars go to the very top (these cars don’t slide in, out and around).

Challenge 4: There’s Fun in the Sun for Everyone! Count the number of games found in the midway. We hate to be a “T’s” but you’ll need to take this number to the sideshow.

Challenge 5: What is the motto of the spot where you’ll catch a slice, not a wave…

Challenge 6: Follow your Golden Dreams and let Calafia tell you the name of the Scottish immigrant who helped to turn Yosemite into a National Park.

Challenge 7: Prepare for a grizzly white water adventure and find out how long the drop is. Next, visit the place where you might get outfitted before braving the rushin’ river.

Challenge 8: Glide over the beauty of the Golden State, then find out what sort of wings a “taste pilot” might order before you make a perfect landing at Fly ‘n’ Buy.

Challenge 9: Take a fabulous limo ride and smile for the cameras. Then it’s time to get gone… and we don’t mean “Gone With The Wind.” Once there, you’ve certainly gone somewhere! So go there and give the little people your autograph! (Hint: This ride no longer exists – but, Monsters have taken up residence. Don’t let “Boo” scare you!)

Challenge 10: Explore the world of animation and discover your inner self. Let the candlestick tell you which Disney Character you are most like. Be sure you take your newfound knowledge off the page.

Bonus: Now that you’ve completed the challenge, you’re an official Adventurer. Your final task is to find the lovely restaurant named after California’s famous wine country. You may need to venture outside the Adventure to where many Grand Californians stay.


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