Homeschool Day is here!!

Disneyschooling’ s 3rd Annual Homeschool Days at Disneyland!

Hundreds of homeschoolers at Disneyland all on one day! EVERYONE is welcome!

Quick info:   Put on tie dye or your favorite homeschool tshirt, get your own tickets for the parks and be in front of the castle at 2pm Friday for the big group photo.

Info on tickets: Cheaper than any group rate are the annual passes and 2-fer tickets. The main day and big group photo are on Friday, but events start Thursday. As a matter of fact, some homeschooler from farther away are there already!

Here’s the schedule for Thursday and Friday: The classes all have costs involved and may be too late to sign up. Please contact the class organizers for details.

Thursday February 26, 2009

9:00 Disneyland YES Class: Leadership (registration closed)

Meet outside Disneyland 1:00 Pirate Class Picnic Area outside the parks

2:00 Fairy Class Picnic Area outside the parks

3:00 Princess Class Picnic Area outside the parks

5:00 Girl Scout Gathering Picnic Area outside the parks

Friday February 27, 2009 All Day

Like the last two years, I plan to have official guestbooks for everyone to sign. If I see you during the day, I’ll ask you to sign in! I’d like to get your family name, the number in your family, and the city you’re from. Most signatures are gathered at the photo.

9:00 Character Breakfasts Minnie & Friends  (Reservations closed)

10:00 Teen Meetup In front of Space Mountain

11:00 How to Eat Your Yard: Edible Landscaping for Kids and Grownups – class Tomorrowland Darren Butler: pewtermoon@att. net, (818) 271-0963 12:00

Small-Space and Container Gardening for Beauty and Food – class New Orleans Square Darren Butler: pewtermoon@att. net, (818) 271-0963

12:00    Artist Trading Cards (ATC) Meetup Refreshment Corner on Main Street

1:00 Weird and Wicked Plants – class Haunted Mansion Darren Butler: pewtermoon@att. net, (818) 271-0963

2:00 THE BIG GROUP PHOTO! In Front of the Castle EVERYONE! NOTE: Arrive early to this! The photo is taken AT 2:00 sharp & every year people come just a little late & miss out. We want as many people in as possible in the photo, so nobody from your group needs to go take a picture. We will have one photographer take the picture and then make it available for anyone to download for free!

2:30 Sing Along on the Mark Twain Mark Twain Print the lyrics: http://ochomeschool themesong. html

2:30 How to Eat Your Yard: Edible Landscaping for Kids and Grownups (Repeat) – class Tomorrowland Darren Butler: pewtermoon@att. net, (818) 271-0963

3:00 Planting Seeds in a Child’s Soul: Fun and Learning through Homeschool Gardening – class Tomorrowland Darren Butler: pewtermoon@att. net, (818) 271-0963

4:00 Hide and Seek Tom Sawyer’s Island    –  This is a great activity for tween/teens – the island is kinda big for small ones to be playing this game here.

9:00 – Come early to sit, eat your dinner, chat, and help save a big spot! Fantasmic Fantasmic Area

It’s not too late to add more meetups!  For more information, go to http://homeschoolda Pass this around! –

Homeschool Day 2009!

Time to start getting geared up for our big annual event!

3rd Annual Homeschool Day at Disneyland

Friday, February 27th, 2009

In addition to the big group photo in front of the castle at 2pm on the
27th, we’ve got other stuff in the works, starting on February 26:

Discount hotel rooms
YES classes
Character meal
Sing-along on the Mark Twain
Hide-and-seek on Tom Sawyer’s island
Teens meet-up
Scavenger Hunt

…And more!

Any Disneyschooler is welcome to organize something – lots of fun!

Let your local groups know about this event!

Tell your friends to go to

www.HomeschoolDay. com

There’s also a flyer there that you can download, print, and hand out!

See you at the park!

-Heather Martinson

Blogger’s Note: This event – nor ANY of the Disneyschooling events are affiliated with any other group. We DO NOT charge membership fees or fees for any of the scheduled activities (except the Character breakfast). If at any time you are thinking of paying a fee to any group for any extra activity (ie., dance, dinner, talent show) please know that you are probably NOT dealing with Disneyschooling. I’m happy to verify ANY Disneyschooling activities with you BEFORE you purchase any tickets!

(Un)Official Homeschool Day



Next Event Day:

3rd Annual (Un)Official Homeschool Day at Disneyland!

February 27th, 2009

Come back for updates on special events happening during “Homeschool Day”!!

DCA Scavenger Hunt

Hi all of you Disneyschooling fans!

The following scavenger hunt is a copy of the actual Scavenger Hunt given to invited guests at the preview opening of California Adventure! Print it out, take it with you to Disneyschooling’s “Not Back to School Day” and come back here for the answers after the 10th. Enjoy!

Challenge 1: “It’s tough to be a Bug”… find out who gets to leave the theatre first. Then visit the large yellow object named after an insect. It’s not one, but it sure can work wonders for the bountiful soil of a farm.

Challenge 2: The Mother Dough “kneads” you now. Visit her and tell her not to be so sour. Head toward the Pacific Wharf to find out the year she was first “kneaded.”

Challenge 3: This sun that shines night and day can take you 150-feet closer to the real sun. Go there and count how many cars go to the very top (these cars don’t slide in, out and around).

Challenge 4: There’s Fun in the Sun for Everyone! Count the number of games found in the midway. We hate to be a “T’s” but you’ll need to take this number to the sideshow.

Challenge 5: What is the motto of the spot where you’ll catch a slice, not a wave…

Challenge 6: Follow your Golden Dreams and let Calafia tell you the name of the Scottish immigrant who helped to turn Yosemite into a National Park.

Challenge 7: Prepare for a grizzly white water adventure and find out how long the drop is. Next, visit the place where you might get outfitted before braving the rushin’ river.

Challenge 8: Glide over the beauty of the Golden State, then find out what sort of wings a “taste pilot” might order before you make a perfect landing at Fly ‘n’ Buy.

Challenge 9: Take a fabulous limo ride and smile for the cameras. Then it’s time to get gone… and we don’t mean “Gone With The Wind.” Once there, you’ve certainly gone somewhere! So go there and give the little people your autograph! (Hint: This ride no longer exists – but, Monsters have taken up residence. Don’t let “Boo” scare you!)

Challenge 10: Explore the world of animation and discover your inner self. Let the candlestick tell you which Disney Character you are most like. Be sure you take your newfound knowledge off the page.

Bonus: Now that you’ve completed the challenge, you’re an official Adventurer. Your final task is to find the lovely restaurant named after California’s famous wine country. You may need to venture outside the Adventure to where many Grand Californians stay.

Not Back to School Day – Discount tickets avail.

Tickets for the 2nd Annual Not Back to School Day” at Disneyland on September 10th are available.

The cut-off for the $33 California Adventure tickets has been extended for a couple more days.

So if you want in on this deal, sign up right now:

http://www.eventbri 153314568

You know, this would be a great way for your kids to bring friends!

See everybody soon!


“Not Back to School Day” 2008

2nd Annual

Not Back to School Day!

Wednesday, September 10th

The two pieces of information that everyone needs to know is:

1) Wear tie-dye if you can

2) Be in front of California Adventure at 2pm for the big group photo!

Other than that, we will schedule as many other meet-ups as there is interest for.

Also, discounted tickets are available for California Adventure for that day. It’s only $33 per person! For more information, go to http://www.eventbri 153314568 .  Deadline for payment is August 27.

the countdown begins!

WIth just days to go to the homeschooling conference, I’m busy preparing all of the things needed for the session!  Fun prizes galore and so many things to share!


Photo credit: Mouseplanet